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Due To The Limitations Of Treatment, Doctors Are Also Compelled, Famous Doctors Like Dr. Satyendra Katewa Have To Face Problems

Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) is one of the most advanced treatments from modern medicine. It can be used for treating patients with blood and cancer diseases. In simple terms, BMT is done in two steps. In the first step, the patient is given high-dose chemotherapy or radiotherapy or combination to kill cancer or the diseased marrow (called conditioning) and makes the bone marrow empty. In the second step, the empty marrow is replaced with healthy blood-forming stem cells (called stem cell infusion). This process is known as bone marrow transplant.

Dr. Satyendra Katewa told us the success rate of bone marrow transplant is variable as per the diseases and the overall success rate of bone marrow transplant is 60-70 % in India, But doctors have their own limitations and it’s not possible for them to cure everyone. But sometimes patients don’t understand when their expectations fall short and they file allegations or complaints against doctors. It is because of the loss of their loved ones and frustration during the treatment process.

Dr. Katewa has also gone through a few allegations however The National Medical Commission (NMC) and other organizations including state councils cleared all charges.
The final order from the NMC states unequivocally that the doctor performed the treatment in the most ethical and scientifically sound manner feasible, and that there are no pieces of evidence of physician error.
Dr. Katewa agreed that seeing the complaint was unpleasant, but that he has no anger toward the complainant when asked about the entire process. He expressed regret for the complainant’s deaths but pointed out that doctors are not Gods and cannot treat every patient. In the western world, the same therapy costs 4 to 4.5 core, accomplishing it for a fraction of that is an achievement for us as a country.
He also mentioned that the high incidence of antibiotic-resistant sepsis in Indian patients is one of the key reasons our results are behind those of the developed world. Families undergoing bone marrow transplants must understand this basic fact: these situations are beyond the control of doctors or hospitals, and they will have an impact on final outcomes.



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